About Us

FGE is a highly specialised scientific consultancy company based in the UK. We have 25 full time scientists and engineers (and are continually growing) with a range of ages and backgrounds some of whom also lead the company. We have two offices located in St Andrews (Scotland) and Emsworth (England).

Our core business is to try to answer our customers’ questions deriving from environments governed by complex multi-physics involving high speeds and energy densities. Our customers are spread across numerous sectors, including civil space, maritime, oil and gas. Our approach is to apply our knowledge in the above disciplines in addition to using computational tools to answer these questions. We write, develop, and maintain all our own computational tools and have done so for over 30 years. Our codes range from several highly parallel 3D hydrocodes to several highly parallel 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes. We make extensive use of parallel visualisation and are at the forefront of applied computational science and numerical modelling in our application areas. In addition, we have a range of our own engineering codes which are validated from our high fidelity codes and experiments.